Can I buy a lot in The Greenways if I am not a home builder?

Yes, you can buy a lot in our neighborhood if you are not a builder. We welcome all individuals to choose a lot and buy it. This could be the future home of your dreams!

Do I need to have my own home builder?

No, you do not need to have your own home builder. We have a list of builders on our website that are familiar with The Greenways development. You also have the option to select your own home builder. Before construction, all building plans are subject to architectural review.

Are there specific restrictions at The Greenways?

Yes, we do have restrictions at The Greenways to keep our construction consistent. This consistency helps maintain the value of your home as well as the environment of your neighborhood. In this neighborhood, you will notice that every house has a tree planted the same distance from the street. At The Greenways, we have a Master Tree plan. Homeowners plant and maintain two to three trees in specified locations on their residential lot. As these trees mature, a tree arbor on the narrow streets will also be achieved.

Does The Greenways offer special amenities that are different from other neighborhoods in Amarillo, Texas?

Yes, The Greenways does offer various special amenities that are different from other areas in Amarillo, Texas. This neighborhood was named after all the additional walkways and parkways designed in the development. The Greenways has over 80 acres of parkways. These areas with winding sidewalks are in a Public Improvement District (PID). This Public Improvement District is owned by all of the commercial businesses on the perimeter and residents of The Greenways. Individual assessments are $720 for each Class A lot, $600 for each Class B lot, and $864 for each Class D lot. This fee is added to each homeowner’s tax bill to cover the cost of improvements and the maintenance for these improvements. Come view our beautiful entrances as well as our interior parkways to see the benefit of a Public Improvement District (PID). Our Tuscany Village lots, commercial lots, and estate lots pay a small percentage more.

Does The Greenways neighborhood have a Homeowners Association (HOA)?

Yes, The Greenways has a volunteer board of residents that manage the Homeowners Association (HOA). Every resident in this neighborhood is required to be a member of the Homeowners Association (HOA). Some of the activities of the Homeowners Association (HOA) include an annual picnic, Christmas decorating contest, newsletters, block parties, and bunko groups. The fee to be a member of the Homeowners Association (HOA) is only $77 annually.

Is the location of this neighborhood convenient?

Yes, The Greenways location in Amarillo, Texas is convenient. We have an excellent location for simple access to major streets. We are also near the Loop 335, which ties I-40 to I-27 in the southwest region of Amarillo, Texas. We also have a CVS pharmacy located in the northeast commercial corner of our development as well as a physical fitness center and convenience stores right across the street from our development. Within one mile from our neighborhood, there are home improvement stores, grocery stores, and numerous retail stores. There is also local dining and national franchise. We are only four miles from every hospital and major support medical facility in the tri-state area.

What school district is this neighborhood located in?

The Greenways is located in Canyon Independent School District (Canyon ISD).